• Clean – treat – heal
  • Elevates white blood cell production
  • Helps reducing pain
  • Support and fastens the natural healing process
  • Eliminate free radicals

For the management treatment and acceleration of the healing process of traumatic wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, skin ulcers, post-surgical incision sites, burns, scratches, rashes and chronic inflammation. Mahou is your answer!

A one step topical spray that cleans wounds between treats infection and kills bacteria. Mahou V7 Booster!

One of the most important functions of mahou is to facillate cellular functions in the body. Because of its unusual hydrogen bonding, it has the unique ability through hydration to activate proteins. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and glycogen. the glucose is available for immediate energy needs.

Mahou V7 Booster purifies the body and helps to elevate the maximum oxygen assimilation. This has a positive effect on the muscles and other organs. It also helps to eliminate free radicals. For the sport enthusiasts among us; Mahou V7 Booster will help to minimize the degradation of muscles during training and helps to stimulate muscle recovery.

Provides a unique and universal solution for humans

minimize the degradation of muscles

prevents acidification of muscles


The immune system, in particular Macrophage, which are white blood cells, showed increase activity after exposure to the Mahou solution. This increased immune response was a result of the Mahou solutions ability to change intracellular physiology, the changes included accelerated hydration, increased Ph, decreased cell membrane damage and an increase in intracellular oxidative redox potential ORP. This is important to good health!


  • Improves digestion
  • Expels toxins
  • Reduces pulse rates
  • An anti oxidant
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Decreases tiredness
  • Improves concentration and alertness
  • Helps relieve headaches
  • Increases stamina
  • Promotes growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria

Mahou sollution affects the basic core of cell biology. Clinically, is has been found that Mahou is capable of restoring function in the cells of the body. Mahou helps eliminate deeply held toxins such as heavy metals, drugs, chemicals, food toxins, medications and more. Users are reporting powerful health benefits from a very wide variety of health problems. They report increased energy, a greater sense of well being, overall detoxification, decreased cravings for junk food, more stable sleep patterns, improved hair, skin, nails and many other health complaints being alleviated. Mahou has the ability to penetrate every cell and tissue, hydrating the body in a way that isn’t experienced with any other product.

Dangerous Drinking Water

Our drinking water is in bad condition. It is chlorinated, fluoridated, and treated with chemicals to a point where it is irritating, often dangerous liquid instead of a healthy drink. According to scientific studies, city tap water has been found to contain as many as 500 different disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites. Herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers find their way into ground water, further contaminating and polluting our water supplies. Many experts agree that chemically treated and contaminated tap water is not fit for human consumption and can be one of the major causes of chronic and degenerative illnesses in our bodies.

Bottled and purified waters can also be detrimental to our health, since the industry isn’t closely regulated. We’ve all heard about the 20/20 investigative reporting in which various water companies were exposed for placing chlorinated tap water in bottles and selling them as purified, spring and mineral water.

The Importance of Water

Water makes up almost 97% of the human body. Every cell is regulated, monitored and dependent on an efficient flow of water. Brain cell messages are transported on “waterways” to the nerve endings. Water transports minerals, vitamins, proteins and sugar around the body for assimilation. Water maintains our body’s equilibrium and temperature, lubricates tissues, flushes wastes and toxins, hydrates the skin, and acts as shock absorbers for joints, bones and muscles.
When your body gets enough water, it works at its peak; fluid retention decreases, gland and hormone functions improve, the liver breaks down and releases more fat, and hunger is curtailed. Lack of water plays a role in aliments such as chronic constipation and urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, kidney stones, fatigue, obesity, hair, skin and nail problems, many degenerative disease, and more. We need water to live, flourish and be healthy.

FAQ's and Amazing Facts that you should know about this natural health product, Mahou

What role does Oxygen play in our health?

On a cellular level, Oxygen is the key ingredient in all processes that involve the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. If there is not enough oxygen in the blood and delivered to the cells, then this process breaks down. Insufficient Oxygen in the blood also reduces the “line-of-defense” of the human immune system. “All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.”
“Lack of oxygen in the tissues is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease. Mahou is a natural health product that can add more oxygen to your system.

Are you getting enough oxygen?

Not always. Average oxygen content today runs from 21% too much lower in some populated cities. Scientific studies indicate that, at one time in history; oxygen levels may have been as high as 38%! The human body may well have been designed to function on oxygen levels considerably higher than today’s. Mahou is a natural health product that adds more oxygen to your system.

Where has all the oxygen gone?

Speculation includes: The cutting of the rain forests and clear-cutting of our other forests and woodlands, combustion of carbon based fuels, auto exhaust pollution, and huge increases in world population. Combine that with modern technology that consumes nearly 20 times the oxygen that 5 billion humans consume.
There are other factors, beside oxygen content in the air, that decrease blood oxygen levels. Foods that “rob” us of oxygen include processed sugar, white flour, and any “highly processed” food. Even higher “culprits” are caffeine, nicotine, prescription drugs and alcohol. All of these require tremendous amounts of oxygen for their metabolism. There are “lifestyle” factors that deplete oxygen as well, not the least of which are anxiety and stress. Mahou is an all natural health product that can help add some of this missing oxygen back into your system.

How does Mahou work?

When we take in oxygen through the air that we breathe, it is pulled through the lungs, changed to oxygen molecules and deposited in the blood. It is then delivered (by way of iron atoms in the red blood cells) to cells throughout the body. Mahou is a natural health product that has the ability to change intracellular physiology which included accelerated hydration, increased PH, decreased cell membrane damage, and an increase in intracellular oxidative redox potential ORP.

Some people have stated that oxygen molecules cannot be absorbed through the gastrointestinal system, but only through the lungs. Why make this claim?
”Ingesting oxygen through the gastrointestinal system” is exactly the method that the human body uses in absorbing oxygen from raw vegetables that are eaten! High blood oxygen levels are often observed in people who eat large amounts of fresh raw vegetables, particularly those who “juice” vegetables. Being an all natural health product, Mahou is absorbed into the blood stream in much the same fashion.

Why do we not use Hydrogen Peroxide to induce oxygen into the water system?
Unlike Mahou, hydrogen peroxide is highly toxic. Some have found that the use of “food grade” hydrogen peroxide has increased their blood-oxygen levels. It’s uses, however, should be approached with caution, as it can be potentially dangerous. It should be used only under strict medical supervision. Hydrogen peroxide can also be quite unpleasant to use. Our new product Mahou, on the other hand, is quite pleasant and easy to use, is non-toxic, and is completely safe.

Can larger amounts (then what suggests on the label) of Mahou be taken internally for overall health purposes?

For the average person, suggested amount are usually sufficient. Additional amounts of Activated Cell Water can be taken when there is a special need and many people do take larger amounts. Some, however, actually start with less than suggested amounts and work their way up in dosage. The reason for this is that oxygen is very effective at killing anaerobic bacteria and disease-causing organisms. Depending on the number present in your system, it is possible to kill more of these pathogens at one time than your body (particularly your liver) can process. The results can be a feeling of nausea. An extreme example would be someone suffering from yeast or fungus infection. It is important to know that the Activated water itself does not cause nausea, but an “overload” of dead pathogens in your system can. If you feel a little nausea, simply drink some additional water to help “flush” your system. Then, on your next dosage, back off a little in the number of milliliters taken until you find “your” present optimum level, a simple process. Dosage can, over time, gradually be increased.

How does oxygen work in destroying harmful bacteria and what about the "beneficial" bacteria found in the human body?

Due to their cellular structure, all pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes give up electrons and die when exposed to oxygen-rich environments. Basically, the disease-causing microbes are anaerobic and thrive only in an environment deprived of oxygen. These include anaerobic bacteria, virus, yeast, fungus, mould and parasites. Beneficial microbes, however, are basically aerobic and thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.

Why does Mahou have a "chlorine-like" smell and a "salty" taste?

Human senses are perceptive to the “smell” of chloride ions that evaporate and to the “taste” of sodium as produced thru the natural brine solution.

How much actual sodium does a person get from your Mahou?

In most applications, it is an insignificant amount of less than 5 mg per serving. In comparison, one bowl of common breakfast cereal usually contains around 300 mg of sodium!

Will I notice huge difference immediately with this natural health product?

Possibly! Everybody reacts differently to supplements or medication. Some individuals notice the effects within hours while others take longer and some really don’t notice anything except a sense of well – being.

Is this natural health product for everyone?

It is a known fact that oxygen has the ability to kill bad and heal well. Mahou will enhance all supplements and dietary products and allow those products to perform at a maximum level. 

Overall Health
Water plays an important role in weight loss. Although water and oxygen contain no calories and can act as a major appetite suppressant and help the body metabolize stored fat, it could be one of the most significant factors in losing weight.

Water is the medium for enzymatic and chemical reactions in the body. It removes nutrients, hormones and antibodies through the blood stream and lymphatic system. The proteins and enzymes of the body will function more efficiently in solutions of lower viscosity.

Dehydration leads to excess body fat, poor muscle tone and size, decreased efficiency and organ function, increased toxicity, joint and muscle soreness. Mahou works to keep muscle and skin toned, and keeps the cells oxygenated for maximum health benefits.


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